What is Social Media? Where is it used?

Social networks are the way communities communicate, share content, and build partnerships over the Internet. Webpages and applications, forums, blogs, social media sites, and wikis are different social media channels.

Social Media Sites Used by Social Media Agencies:


Facebook is the platform that comes to the forefront of social sharing sites that are used freely today. You can create profiles on the platform, share photos and videos, and communicate with friends, family and people in your community. This platform, which is used by close to 1.5 billion people, is a channel mainly used by the social media agency.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in recent years. It is also a very important channel for social media management. The biggest reason is that followers can easily follow the flow of the news with photos.


Twitter is a platform where short texts to registered users and free social media news that allows photo sharing can be followed. It’s an important area for social media agency </ strong> because you can follow tweets from multiple platforms and devices.


LinkedIn is a channel that focuses on business life among social media sites. The platform is based on the network of registered users and the development of the business network. Job seekers also provide a good space for people to apply for open positions in companies.


Pinterest is a site where you tag your visuals on different platforms between social networking sites and offer them to your followers. It provides a nice space for the promotion of your products.


Google+ is a social media platform, aiming at growing quickly, has not reached the expected level. For this reason, the social media agency does not use this channel.


Forums are areas that provide access to forum users for product promotions.

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